About Mirna Navas

Founder and Director of Reproductive Solutions

Our mission is to build families through alternative methods of reproduction.
We do this in an environment where sensitivity, mutual respect, and love are the founding principles.
We see it as a woman lending a helping hand to another woman in need.

Mirna at Reprodutive Solutions

Whether you are seeking an egg donor or a surrogate, we offer individualized and professional service catered to your specific needs. You are our main priority as we are helping you fulfill the dream of building a family.
Mirna Navas, Founder and Director of Reproductive Solutions, has had an extensive and rewarding career in the reproductive field, spanning for almost 30 years.

Mirna established and directed for over five years the egg donor and surrogacy program for the practice of Dr. Richard P. Marrs, world renowned Reproductive Endocrinologist and author.

Mirna has had the fortuitous experience to work side by side with the leading authorities in this miraculous discovery of oocyte donation and surrogacy.

While some agencies are only liaisons for patients and doctors, Mirna has literally worked in the clinical setting with the pioneers of egg donation and surrogacy for more than 30 years. Mirna collaborated with the establishing of the first egg donor program in the USA under the supervision of Dr. Mark V. Sauer, Dr. Richard P. Paulson and Dr. Rogelio Lobo.

Over the past 30 years, Mirna has participated in over 30,000 egg donor cycles for both, egg donor and surrogate patients throughout the world, and has been rewarded with seeing the undeniable serenity brought to many couples when they are able to start a family through the programs.

Mirna understands that for many couples the dream to naturally start a family doesn’t always come true, through her long career she has gathered the knowledge and the skills necessary to be able to assist these individuals and their specific needs.

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We have a dedicated personnel here whom are excited to be part of such a positive change in a person’s life.

All of our professionals are here to make your experience the best possible one with cultivated care and support during your whole process.

Our professionals all have had decades of experience in the industry and strive for nothing more than the highest level of service.
Here at Reproductive Solutions, we know the importance this choice places on one’s life and we don’t take anything lightly or for granted.

Everyone here is excited to work with you as they themselves are excited to be part of such a great business. We have all seen the happiness our service has brought to our potential partners and surrogate mothers.

The joy and appreciation in these people eyes and hearts keeps up striving to continue to do the best work possible and make sure you leave just as happy as all the rest of our clients have.
We are nothing less than excited to be working with you here at Reproductive Solutions. We understand that this decision is a serious one and not to be taken for granted.
You can rest assured that as one of the leading top professionals in the business, we are very familiar with the feelings coming along with you and your business.

Our company has reached not only domestic success but international ones as well. You can be confident that we have worked with women from all over the globe and have catered to each and every one of her needs.

Reproductive Solutions is proud to be your choice in surrogacy and we are very confident you absolutely love our service.

Reproductive Solutions is located in Los Angeles, California, where we have favorable laws that allow your names to be listed on the birth certificate without consideration of marital status or gender.

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