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Whether the process involves an egg donor, a surrogate, or both, Mirna is intimately involved in all aspects of the process.

Egg donors and surrogates go through a rigorous interview process, personally conducted by Mirna herself.

Mirna partners with the best professionals in the industry, including world renown clinics, attorneys, psychologists, as well as other professionals.

Participants do not need to do an extensive search to find the best professionals in the industry, this search has already been done.

Mirna’s surrogates have experienced the joy of motherhood and are excited to help others experience the same.

The Surrogacy Process

The Surrogate will undergo the following steps:

Reproductive Solutions is a boutique agency and we specialize in providing personalized services; we will assists you with every step of the surrogacy process, starting with providing you with the perfect surrogate, helping you with all the paperwork involved with bringing your new baby home.

We recruit surrogates who are interested in helping others in achieving a family than just a financial gain. The women we accept in our surrogacy program, are kind, responsible and love being pregnant. The director personally meets and interviews each one of the surrogates; also, these women are all mothers who have a proven fertility and can carry a healthy pregnancy.

Once you have retained our services, we will review our database for an available surrogate; we then make a recommendation based on the Intended Parents preference, personalities and location.

The recommended Surrogate and the Intended Parents will meet each other to make sure all parties are comfortable moving forward.

Upon completion of the match, the process will move forward with the psychological, medical screening and legal.
We will not proceed with the surrogacy process until both, the surrogate and the Intended Parents have full understanding of the legal and have executed the surrogacy agreement.
There will be two attorneys involved; one attorney who will represent the Intended Parents and the other attorney who will represent the Surrogate or Surrogate couple.

We make referrals only to highly specialized reproductive law attorneys that we work with. We also provide coordinating services for those Intended Parents who have matched themselves outside of an Agency;
If you have a close friend or a family member who is willing to server as your surrogate, we are happy to offer you all services that are involved with the surrogacy process at a reduced fee.
Please contact our office for additional information by calling at: (818) 832-1494.
The surrogacy process includes many costs and it is impossible to state in advance the exact amount of money necessary to pay the Surrogate’s expenses.

These expenses will be discussed in advance but may vary according to the particular medical, psychological, legal and other needs of the Surrogate such as reimbursement for loss of earnings for doctor’s appointments, domestic help, bedrest, child care, travel expenses of the surrogate and a companion.

Intended Parents will be responsible to pay for the following expenses:

  • Initial medical screening of the surrogate or surrogate couple
  • Monthly health insurance premiums, deductibles and co-pays
  • Prenatal care and hospital delivery for both the Surrogate and the Baby
  • Purchase health insurance for the Baby upon birth
  • Additional medical expenses not covered by the surrogate’s insurance, genetic testing, i.e. amniocentesis or CVS
  • IVF, FET procedure, medications for the surrogate
  • Insurance broker’s fees
  • Lloyd’s of London maternity plan for the surrogate, if necessary
  • Life Insurance for the surrogate
  • Travel expenses related to the FET
  • Loss of earnings for the surrogate related to bedrest ordered by the physician in charge
  • Attorneys legal fees and court filing fees
  • DNA testing

These are some of the services we provide at Reproductive Solutions

  • We match you with a qualified surrogate
  • We coordinate all meetings and communication with your surrogate
  • We provide you with referrals for legal, fertility, and medical supports services including health and life insurance
  • We will locate a local monitoring facility near your surrogate and will assists her with scheduling appointments
  • We provide you and your surrogate with guidance through the IVF process, pregnancy and birth of your Child
  • We will coordinate the psychological support for your surrogate
  • We will update you after each medical appointment throughout the pregnancy
We can also assist you in obtaining the birth certificate and passport for the baby and can coordinate appointments for DNA testing; at the same time, we can refer you to agents who can help you process your Baby’s travel document.
Intended Parent(s) we would like to get to know you so that we can match you with the right surrogate; please provide us with your background information, your believes and your requirements; we consider this information very important so that we can recommend the perfect surrogate for you.

Please fill out a profile and we will contact you.

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