To Surrogate Mothers

The best gift a woman can do for another
Being a mother is a beautiful thing. It means that you understand the beauty of family and children first hand.
This knowledge and experience allows you to be the absolute best option for another couple to help make their dream come true of extending their family.
Here at Reproductive Solutions, we help you make your desire to help another couple possible by not only providing you with the best possible service, but more importantly the opportunity to change someone’s life for the better.

With such a beautiful act of kindness comes a great deal of responsibility.
Our company will make sure you are well taken care of during this serious decision in your life. Not only are you well compensated for your generosity, but also you will have complete access to our director who will guide you every step of the way.

If you have a desire to reach out to some of the past surrogate mothers we have dealt with, we can provide you with their contact information so you may have first hand feedback from the experience and joy they have previously received.

How Mirna Helps

(Based on Future Parents Testimonials)

Why do you need to use a Gestational Carrier agency?

Building a family through surrogacy is a process that encompasses a year to two years of preparation and coordination before a baby is delivered. This entire process can sometimes be challenging for all those involved. Families who are starting out should know that it does not and should not have to be a challenge faced alone. Starting a family should be one of the greatest highlights in one's life and one in which parents can cherish each step of the way.
Working with the Agency Reproductive Solutions, is the key to creating a smooth journey for all parties throughout this process.

The Agency is there to be a helping hand from the beginning of the Surrogate’s selection process until the birth of the baby and beyond, answering every question and addressing every concern along the way.
One of the most important aspects of this process is finding the right candidate to be your gestational carrier-as of course, this woman will be carrying your child, Surrogate selection is also where the expertise of an agency comes in to play. Reproductive Solutions will help you locate a potential gestational carrier, as well as pre-screen the potential carrier to make sure everything checks out. The agency facilitates an in-depth analysis of the surrogate including a medical review, mental health evaluation, legal issues, and also checks her background to ensure compatibility with both parties. An agency may uncover things other people might not know to look for.

The Agency, Reproductive Solutions, serves to foster and encourage a mutually respectful and friendly relationship between the intended parents and the gestational carrier and to keep this a smooth relationship throughout the pregnancy and birth.
After the selection, Reproductive Solutions, is the main contact between the gestational carrier and the intended parents.

They serve to facilitate all contracts, meetings, screening and medical appointments and insurance arrangements.
Your agency, Reproductive Solutions, can also help address the psychological and emotional needs of both parties during this process.

Conception and pregnancy with a gestational carrier can be a confusing time, so the agency is here to advise you on all aspects and guide you so that you don't have to worry about over looking any important details before beginning the process of becoming a parent. The Agency, Reproductive Solutions, addresses and works through these issues in a professional manner, especially in areas where the carrier or other family member might feel uncomfortable. An experienced agency knows your needs beforehand and is there to sort everything out to make the journey as easy as possible.

Another important factor in using an Agency is that an Agency representative can physically be there with you while setting up your appointments and may be able to attend appointments and meetings with you. The Agency will help set up appointments with psychologists to evaluate the gestational carrier, as well as arranging meetings between the intended parents and the gestational carrier whereby an Agency representative can also be present if needed. The Agency is in fact the primary point of liaison between the gestational carrier, the intended parents, the fertility clinic, the attorneys for each party and the psychologists. Intended parents may need help in finding the right clinic (if they don't already have a relationship with one) and Reproductive Solutions provides referrals to attorneys and psychologists specialized in this field. The Agency arranges for necessary health and life insurance coverage for the gestational carrier for the pregnancy and delivery.
The Agency may assist in setting up escrow accounts through a licensed attorney or an established escrow company, as required by California law, and the agency will oversee disbursement of trust account funds according to the Surrogacy agreement.

Reproductive Solutions, will make sure that everything before, during, and after the birth of the child goes smoothly and is worked out without any problems.
If proximity makes it feasible, an Agency representative may attend the embryo transfer with the Gestational carrier. During pregnancy, an Agency representative is in constant contact with the gestational carrier regarding her medical appointments as well as her general well being, and, if necessary, will arrange for counseling for the gestational carrier throughout this process.

The Agency representative may also attend the delivery of the baby if possible and if desired by the Intended Parents. Upon the birth of the child, the representative can also make recommendations for medical insurance for the child/children if needed, especially for foreign intended parents, as well as many other things, such as how to obtain an expedited birth certificate and expedited passport.

As the Director of Reproductive Solutions, and with over 30 years of experience in the field, I make the gestational surrogacy process flow easily for everyone with my team of experienced individuals who all work together to provide the best experience for our clients.

Each individual client is special and has different needs, and at Reproductive Solutions we create a confident, friendly environment to cater to all our clients’ needs. We continue to have many initial skeptical clients astounded by the results Reproductive Solutions is able to provide them.

Some testimonials from past clients demonstrate the benefits of using a Gestational Carrier Agency like Reproductive Solutions.
Using a Gestational Carrier Agency like Reproductive Solutions is essential to any Intended Parent's journey through the surrogacy process.
It is very reassuring for intended parents to know that there is someone there to oversee the process and help make the right choices all along the way.
Everyone using a surrogate should know that using a Gestational Carrier Agency is not only the right choice, but also the best choice they can make by having expert´s standing beside them the whole way through.

If you desire a memorable experience in surrogacy as well as a successful and hassle free outcome,
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We are ready to assist you in the journey of parenthood.

Become a Surrogate

The best gift a woman can give to another